The most beautiful canyon in Europe, a preserved wilderness, a kingdom of sports thrills. Discover the villages standing like statues above the lake and along the gorge offering spectacular views for an unforgettable visit.

The Gorges du Verdon and Lake St. Croix

An immense and magnificent canyon, kingdom of sports thrills, unique in Europe, with its breathtaking scenery and perched villages. The origin of the monumental site is very ancient; it dates back to the Quaternary in the uprising of the Alps. Gigantically sized, the Gorges du Verdon cuts through a massive limestone platform which can reach up to 700 m depth. "The sublime Corniche" overlooking the left bank of the Verdon offers superb viewpoints over the river which takes its name from the clear green waters.

The villages of the Haut Var

Campings in the Haut Var invite you to explore the hilltop villages with their medieval centers and with alleys that wind round the feet of the castles. The shaded squares and narrow houses in the colors of Provence form the city center.

The village of Aiguines overlooks Lake St. Croix at the entrance of the Gorges du Verdon. In the town square you can enjoy outdoor cafes and wander the streets of the village. This is where the Provence shows its incredible wealth with such a unique landscape among limestone rocks and the turquoise blue of Lake St. Croix.

Located 20 minutes from Lake St. Croix, the village of Régusse has preserved its historic heritage and narrow streets full of charm. The medieval castle and the Place de l'Horloge invite you to discover the charm of this village. One of the two restored mills of the twelfth and thirteenth century is open to the public during the summer.


Sillans Waterfall

Sillan, a small town in the Haut Var famous for its waterfall. A beautiful walk that takes you out of the village to see the waterfall with a height of 42 m. It is located near the village and is provoked by a small river, the Bresque. In the village you can visit the castle and the little seventeenth century church.