The islands of Hyères consist of three islands, Porquerolles, Port Cros and Le Levant. Porquerolles, the largest, is located opposite the peninsula of Giens and offers 54 miles of trails. This paradise is located only a few minutes by boat to the peninsula of Giens. The beauty of the island is carefully preserved by the National Park and the houses blend perfectly into the landscape. You will discover exceptional flora, diverse wildlife and varied biking or walking along marked trails.

Did you know ? 

The legend told by the writer Gustave Roux from Hyères said that during a pirate attack, the Prince Olbianus , Lord of Olbia (Hyères) wanted to  protect his four daughters and begged the Gods to avoid their abduction. The 4 Princesses who were bathing felt their bodies freeze and transformed into islands. This is how the 3 Golden Islands and the Peninsula of Giens got their natural beauty !