Contrasting between the deep red porphyry rocks of the Esterel and the indigo blue of the Mediterranean, a wonderful journey through time, from antiquity to the Belle Epoque. The red rocks of volcanic origin literally plunge into the azure blue of the Mediterranean. It is between St. Raphael and Mandelieu that the landscape and the rich and varied flora invites for beautiful walks and cycling. Le Massif de l'Esterel is a paradise for mountain bikers with 100km of indicated circuits. Throughout the 40 km of hiking trails, you can enjoy the spectacular views and unspoiled landscapes. Not to be missed are the viewing points of the Pic de l'Ours, the Pic du Cap Roux and the Route de la Corniche d'Or.

A must : Frejus, city of Art and History

On a foundation of sandstone rock that dominates the plain of Argens, the Roman town of Forum Julii was an important urban center. Located on the Aurelian Way, Fréjus occupied a privileged economic and military position in the Provincia Romana. City of Art and History, Roman and medieval heritage, this is a prestigious setting: arenas, aqueduct, theater, archaeological museum, military heritage and more.